Java is sexy.
Java ist sexy.
David Flanagan

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Links
[2.1 http/html] [2.2 wap/wml] [2.3 JavaScript] [2.4 Java core] [2.5 Java servlets/JSP's] [2.6 Products and Configuration]

1 Introduction

This page covers some personal Java stuff. It is more intended as my personal bookmarks than for another person.

2 Links

2.1 http/html

2.2 wap/wml

2.3 JavaScript/JScript

2.4 Java core

2.5 Java servlets/JSP's

2.6 Products and Configuration

yet to include:

- links to DHTML + JavaScript references
- lots of JavaScript samples:
- Java tutorial: "Thinking in Java" (Bruce Eckel,
  (link to browsable HTML version); "Thinking in Patterns"
- link to
-, online JavaDocs (Sun online docs)
- patterns, Just van den Broecke page,, etc.