Here are images of taken in April 2000. Hier sind Bilder von Sie wurden im April 2000 aufgenommen.

Klaus Hildner (me myself) -- that red thing in my hand is an innocent California apple, no peace of meat! my friend + colleague Ben Bari me myself again with a bowl of my famous muesli ('Unbelievable -- those Germans eat raw oats!') and again me Ben at his desk Ben in front of a poster Vijay Poyyappakkam (no typo -- copy/paste), Lane Brechbill, Klaus Hildner, Venkat Pininty, Mohammad Naveed my friend, housemate, + colleage Tony Towfighi in the chilly server room Venkat Pininty, Ben Bari, Vijay Poyyappakkam, Mohammad Naveed Tony Towfighi + me Ben Bari, Tony Towfighi, + me Nancy You, Vijay Poyyappakkam, Lane Brechbill, Ben Bari, Klaus Hildner, James (Jim) Geller, Tony Towfighi, Venkat Pininty, Mohammad Naveed, Prince Kumar an article about
a magazine ad of
Ich habe mich gerade mit einem Einkäufer
einer großen Handelskette unterhalten.
— ja, klar
... übers internet ...
— ja, klar
Er hat 1 200 Kartons gekauft.
— oh Sch**ße

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