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... There's a whole generation ... with a new explanation.
People in motion, people in motion ...

... Es ist eine ganze Generation ... mit einer neuen Filosofie.
Menschen in Bewegung, Menschen in Bewegung ...

Scott McKenzie

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco in the background Here are images taken in San Francisco from July – September 2000.

see the flags flutter in different directions? The flags flutter in different directions (movie: flags, 2 MB) — that seems to be normal for San Francisco.

Thanks to David Epstein for using his digital camera!

Please also visit my California photo gallery.

Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco in the background Diese Bilder wurden von Juli – September 2000 in San Francisco aufgenommen.

Die Fahnen wehen in verschiedene Richtungen (Film: Fahnen, 2 MB) — das scheint in San Francisco normal zu sein.

Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco in the background Herzlichen Dank an David Epstein, daß wir seine digitale Kamera benutzen konnten!

Bitte besuch' auch meine California photo gallery.

that's me (Klaus) Gerhard + me nice view, ha? another nice view Klaus; the background looks artificial but that's due to the fill-in flash Gerhard

more pix:
Clare, Kimball, Celia Clare, Celia, Kimball Colby, Kimball David Epstein, Kimball, Gerhard, Klaus Joe, David, Kimball, Klaus, Gerhard Brendan, Rob, Zoran, David Kimball Kimball, Gerhard, Klaus, David

and even more pix:
beware of scientists who carry Swiss army knives me, a Handspring Visor (ice), + the space shuttle above Iceland Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, + my favourite T-shirt Golden Gate Bridge; San Francisco buried in the fog Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco; this city has got a breathtaking architectural contrast

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nowadays, I guess it is more like Woodstock for capitalists   =;-)

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