Photo Gallery: Southern Germany 2

2 DM coin -- Theodor Heuss 2 DM coin -- ? 2 DM coin -- Ludwig Ehrhard the smallest German coin: a Pfennig, worth half a US cent -- the copper value possibly being higher central station + Stuttgart downtown (Hauptbahnhof, Stuttgart) city hall + stuttgart downtown (Rathaus, Stuttgart) This mountain -- built after World War II from the ruins of the city [Stuttgart] -- stands for the memory of the victims + as a reminder for the living. the Stuttgart radio tower (Stuttgarter Fernsehturm) detail of Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart

photographer: Klaus Hildner
Copyright © 2001 Klaus Hildner •
camera: Nikon Coolpix 990 (digital, 3.34 Megapixel)
location: Stuttgart + Munich, Germany (+ surroundings)
date: February — August 2001
technique: BMW motorcycle store:
  • available light w/o tripod
  • indirect flash bounced off walls + ceiling as filler
D-Mark coins:
  • available light w/o tripod
  • first set (20010504-0019 ... 20010504-0021): halogen spots only
  • second set (20010505-0200 ... 20010505-0212): daylight + indirect flash bounced off wall paying attention to the in/out angle to yield max contrast
  • varying aperture settings (max open (approx. f/2.5) vs. max closed (approx. f/8.0) — yielding selective focus by different depth of field)
camera defective since 31-December-2000 — new camera starting 4-May-2001 — my very best regards to Nikon Digital Imaging, Melville, NY, for handling this case so fast + without any troubles