Photo Gallery: Southern Germany 1

newsstand + Frauenkirche, Munich, Germany ICE at central station, Munich, Germany a year 1950 D-Mark coin ... soon to make room for the Eurodollar the same coin from a flatter perspective a 1960s style scales + kitchen in my parents home a detail shot of that scales old Saba radio; hardcoded station presets charcoal stove yet another old radio a lonely light switch door with externalized locking object BMW R1200C Cruiser -- birds perspective: fuel tank, boxer motor fancy city bike with safety belts -- thereby requiring no helmet BMW boxer motor: low center of gravity + leg protection with car side impacts nut-saving fuel tank shape easily accessible rear wheel suspension (monolever) virgin front wheel brake discs; antilock brake system sensor (requiring precise mounting) BMW R1200C Cruiser Cardan drive -- no chain -- easily balanceable bike for fast wheel change with monolever BMW boxer motor as seen from below 2 DM coin -- Willy Brandt 2 DM coin -- Konrad Adenauer 2 DM coin -- Franz-Josef Strauß

Richtgeschwindigkeit 120

collection of German terms + words

Federal Republic of Germany.

I do not feel capable of writing an even harmless introduction on this topic. Have a look at the images and bear in mind that behind the surface much more is hidden.

It generally seems hard for Germans to take things easy and not to discuss the fundamentals over and over again. Must be the complexity + expressiveness of the language. =8-)

Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Ich sehe mich als unfähig, zu diesem Thema eine auch nur harmlose Einführung zu schreiben. Schau' Dir die Bilder an, und behalte im Hinterkopf, daß hinter der Oberfläche viel mehr steckt.

Es scheint für Deutsche grundsätzlich schwierig zu sein, Dinge leicht zu nehmen und stattdessen Grundsätzliches wieder + wieder zu diskutieren. Das muß wohl an der Komplexität + Ausdrucksstärke der Sprache liegen. =8-)

photographer: Klaus Hildner
Copyright © 2001 Klaus Hildner •
camera: Nikon Coolpix 990 (digital, 3.34 Megapixel)
location: Stuttgart + Munich, Germany (+ surroundings)
date: February — August 2001
technique: BMW motorcycle store:
  • available light w/o tripod
  • indirect flash bounced off walls + ceiling as filler
D-Mark coins:
  • available light w/o tripod
  • first set (20010504-0019 ... 20010504-0021): halogen spots only
  • second set (20010505-0200 ... 20010505-0212): daylight + indirect flash bounced off wall paying attention to the in/out angle to yield max contrast
  • varying aperture settings (max open (approx. f/2.5) vs. max closed (approx. f/8.0) — yielding selective focus by different depth of field)
camera defective since 31-December-2000 — new camera starting 4-May-2001 — my very best regards to Nikon Digital Imaging, Melville, NY, for handling this case so fast + without any troubles