Photo Gallery: Product Shots 1

This page compiles a couple of do-it-yourself product shots from other galleries on this web site. It portrays things I use often, which I find useful, and which I somehow want to honor.

I tried to find a new approach for each product. For example, the association of a cell phone and a beach (sand) is new, but this is the problem I have with my phone: It is neither sand nor waterproof. The Swiss Victorinox "stainless steel" so far seems to be the last steel to start rusting in ocean water — my Leatherman tool already did.

Generally, these shots are more dynamic and down-to-earth than the ordinary shots you get to see in the catalogues. It is used products ...

Diese Seite stellt ein paar "hausgemachte" Produkt-/Werbebilder von anderen Galerien dieser web site zusammen. Sie porträtiert Dinge, die ich oft benutze, die ich nützlich finde, und die ich irgendwie ehren will.

Ich habe versucht, für jedes Produkt einen neuen Ansatz zu finden. Zum Beispiel ist die Assoziation eines Mobiltelefons mit einem Strand (Sand) neu, aber das ist genau mein Problem mit meinem Telefon: Es ist weder sand- noch wasserdicht. Der schweizer Stahl von Victorinox scheint derjenige zu sein, der in Meerwasser zuletzt rostet — mein Leatherman hat bereits damit angefangen.

Diese Fotos sind dynamischer + bodenständiger als die Produktfotos, die man in den Broschüren zu sehen kriegt. Es sind gebrauchte Produkte ...

US mailboxes US mailboxes US mailboxes US mailboxes US mailboxes US mailboxes gas stove: knob gas stove: knob US Dollar bill US Dollar bill American fridge gas stove: total California kitchen California kitchen Coleman DualFuel stove in a dusty Nevada desert — I really like that stove — delivers a peak power of approximately 2 000 watts which is more than most ordinary kitchen stoves the stove in action — red gleaming steel beer bottle beer glas Citizen diver's watch Citizen diver's watch Citizen diver's watch Motorola Timeport Motorola Timeport Victorinox CyberTool [] Victorinox CyberTool [] Victorinox CyberTool [] Victorinox CyberTool [] Victorinox CyberTool [] Victorinox CyberTool [] Victorinox CyberTool [] Victorinox CyberTool [] Braun Introcan cannula Braun Introcan cannula piercing jewellery: navel spiral [] piercing jewellery: curved barbell [] piercing jewellery: labret stud [] piercing jewellery: captive bead ring, medical grade implantation steel [] piercing jewellery: captive bead ring, fluorobell [] piercing jewellery add-on weight [] piercing tool bloody piercing tools onion garlic, onion garlic, onion a year 1950 D-Mark coin ... soon to make room for the Eurodollar a CD spindle -- each CD capable of holding 700 megabytes This card stores 80 bytes -- one line of program code.

photographer: Klaus Hildner
Copyright © 2000 Klaus Hildner •
camera: Nikon Coolpix 990 (digital, 3.34 Megapixel)
location: California, Nevada, Caribbean, Germany, Greece, anywhere
date: see file names (yyyymmdd-nnnn.gif/.jpg)
technique: lighting:
  • 20000904-0217: built-in flash as filler
  • 20001026-00*: daylight without flash to avoid reflection on metal surfaces
  • 20001126-00*: daylight with "dull day" light balance to increase colour warmness/saturation
  • 20001209-0014: ordinary light bulb, auto white balance
  • 20001209-005920001209-0077:
    • manual exposure:
      1/30 ... 1/128 s (yielding correct available light exposure)
      various apertures (2.x – 4.x),
    • daylight + diffuse indirect flash bounced of white walls, ceilings, + floor using a Metz 32 and a flash bracket for the Coolpix
macro closeup:
the Coolpix allows to get as close as two centimeters (better to turn autofocus off and use the LCD viewfinder)

selective focus:
20001209-0037: very restricted focus — the dangerous end of a computer-calculated Braun cannula, shaped to split up tissue for nutrition and placing piercing jewellery