Photo Gallery: Frankfurt 1

tea in a Chinese cup, flooded by light Deutsche Bank twin towers Deutsche Bank twin towers Deutsche Bank twin towers no doubt there are some really ugly spots in Frankfurt -- even in the center of the city Dresdner Bank red light district during the day, and a gleaming view on its financial background Dresdner Bank Dresdner Bank Dresdner Bank as seen from inside central station Frankfurt am Main — city of the Eurodollar and Germany's financial heart.

Though money does not necessarily make things beautiful. Nor does it mean that everyone does have money here, especially in the less beautiful suburbian areas of so-called "Mainhattan".

Frankfurt am Main — Stadt des Euros und Deutschlands Finanzzentrum.

Aber Geld macht nicht unbedingt schön. Und es ist auch nicht so, daß jeder hier Geld hätte — besonders in den weniger schönen Vororten von "Mainhattan".

photographer: Klaus Hildner
Copyright © 2001 Klaus Hildner •
camera: Nikon Coolpix 990 (digital, 3.34 Megapixel)
location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany (+ surroundings)
date: September — December 2001