Photo Gallery: Cuba 3

out of Habana, Che is everywhere ... and you hardly see any images of the chief Fidel Castro when I arrived at that town southeast of Valadero late at night I felt like I travelled 40 years back in time ... ... bicycles ... ... hand-made revolution ... ... and more working horses and oxes than I ever saw in my life before ... even on the autopista four perspectives on the same car ... 1/4 a cosy one ... ... 2/4 an untidy one ... ... 3/4 a narrowed viewpoint ... ... 4/4 and the general perspective Che and the chief hm, is this sugar cane? yet another end of the world a Russian copy of a BMW boxer machine as used in World War II by the German army a Russian copy of a BMW boxer machine as used in World War II by the German army palm tree drowning in sugar cane? shower head, 110 V, 40 A fuse: a very interesting electrical installation -- 4 000 watts that caused interesting lightning effects during my first shower autopista (watch out for bicycles, oxes, cows) autopista my nice red rental Hyundai Atos autopista Cuba turismo welcome to pig's bay laundry with fill-in flash find the red car hidden in the image! Cuban beauty reading a book Malecon, Habana, Cuba fill-in flash, reflective surface on sign
the dull end of Habana Malecon and center of Habana Caribbean sea south of Cuba looking like a lake in an approx. 300 degree panorama

photographer: Klaus Hildner
Copyright © 2001 Klaus Hildner •
camera: Nikon Coolpix 990 (digital, 3.34 Megapixel)
location: Habana, Cuba (+ surroundings)
date: January 2001
technique: original image size 1 048 x 768 pixels (travelling without laptop)
JPEG compression

heavy image manipulation due to camera defect and poor lighting conditions:

  • sharpening (weak on people, strong on architecture)
  • contrast + colour adjustment
  • minor rotation, cropping, resizing (down to 800 x 600 pixels)
night shots: digital noise eliminated manually (pixel-wise, smudge-filter)

panorama shots: those have been stitched; visit The Panorama Factory web site