Photo Gallery: California 3

Oakland, Oakland Bay Bridge, and San Francisco in the foreground San Francisco is hilly — Transamerica Pyramid detail at night San Francisco downtown at night Just hop in! part of a railroad waggon the idea for this image + the light settings stems from Ali Madjdi I am so fluffy ... touch me ... oh please! I wanna be ... your honey bee ... contrasting wooden/metal, natural/manmade structures one of many, many homeless people ... without a Bank of America credit card typical American newspaper delivery scheme; San Francisco Examiner ... Bay Area Housing Market ... being shy does not pay off *g*

photographer: Klaus Hildner
Copyright © 2000 Klaus Hildner •
camera: Nikon Coolpix 990 (digital, 3.34 Megapixel)
location: San Francisco, California (+ surroundings)
Stamp shots have been added later.
date: see file names (yyyymmdd-nnnn.gif/.jpg)
technique: original image size 2 048 x 1 1536 pixels
JPEG compression to roughly 1/8 of original file size

no image manipulation besides

  • UV filtering (on location),
  • sharpening (digital filter in the camera)
  • rotation, cropping, resizing (down to 1 024 pixels), + brightness adjustment (Adobe Photoshop)
panorama shots: those have been stitched; visit The Panorama Factory web site

image quality: The Nikon supports

  • 1/16 ("basic"),
  • 1/8 ("normal"),
  • 1/4 ("fine") compression and
  • no compression ("hi", i. e. raw TIFF
    with an image size of approximately 16 MB at 2 048 x 1 536.