Paradise Images

These photographs were taken in the Caribbean between September 2000 — January 2001 on locations in St. Martin/Sint Maarten (French West Indies/Netherlands Antilles) + Cuba (Fidel Castro).

It took a long time

  • until people realized where precisely I resided
  • until they found out I had left again + they could no longer come + visit me.
And I remember those guys sending emails inquiring about the US presidential elections + if I were a green card holder yet + were allowed to vote, whilst I was munching a French baguette with cheese that would have been illegal for import into the US.

And then, dear Mr. Health Insurance ("I won't send this fax to a hut in the Caribbean."): There are

Call it an "e-hut". And

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Diese Aufnahmen wurden in der Karibik von September 2000 — Januar 2001 aufgenommen an Orten auf St. Martin/Sint Maarten (Französisch-Westindien/Niederländische Antillen) und Cuba (Fidel Castro).

Es hat lange gedauert,

  • bis die Leute erkannt hatten, wo genau ich mich befand,
  • bis sie erkannt hatten, daß ich wieder weg war + sie mich nicht mehr besuchen kommen konnten.
Und ich erinnere mich an die Jungs, die sich per email über die US-Präsidentschaftswahlen erkundigten, ob ich schon ein Green Card-Inhaber wäre + wählen dürfe, während ich ein französisches Baguette verdrückte, belegt mit Schimmelkäse, der in den USA verboten wäre.

Und das noch, lieber Herr Krankenversicherung ("Ich schicke kein Fax an eine Hütte in der Karibik."): Es gibt

Nennt sich "e-Hütte". Und
  • Faxgeräte sind auch nicht mehr das, was sie mal waren.

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me myself me myself again Gerhard Muth above Marigot, St. Martin, French West Indies Fabien Le Floc'h my lovely muscular leg the three Euros: Klaus, Gerhard, + Fabien that's cool -- ha? (I am even wireless on the network) those bath trunks would be illegal in California *g* at home in my hammock in Marigot Carib + Presidente beer! my Peugeot bicycle my sandy arm, ... ... my sandy leg, ... ... and my sandy chest Roy A. Richardson testing Aironet signal strength The moon is not the problem but the neighbourhood house ... ... hmmm ... nevertheless Roy + Gerhard have a successful ping across Marigot + the laguna! healthy food *g* my footprint another Coolpix self portrait trying to catch that foamy thing trying to catch that foamy thing (caught it) my one and only phone my one and only phone my second car --- even rustier than the first one *g* Jason Williams --- my boss Jason Williams and some of his gadgets GOT MILK? yet another new office an important device: the remote control for the air conditioner Daniel Raynaud Yuli ... a professional and expen$ive lady from Colombia ... ... sweet as chocolate ... ... and fluffy as cotton a rented Heritage Softail another rental yet another rental? I liked not only that bike ... ... sad? Raymond chatting with a Cuban chick exploring the yummi details of a coconut the doctor Raymond's future wife *g* the doctor and his wife (who is also a doctor) I should charge people for taking phantastic photographs *sigh* the food that saved my life ... ... and the Colombian 40 ampere/110 volts shower head that nearly ended it abruptly a nice red rental with a turismo number plate which brought me into big troubles ... red car hiding ... as you should never fake your living address *g* ... ... IN OTHER [IN ORDER] TO STAY OUTSIDE HOTELS OR OTHER NON-AUTHORIZED ACCOMODATION, REQUEST AUTHORIZATION FROM IMMIGRATION. -- They fucking mean it. *g*

movie by Gerhard Muth: "The Making Of 'The Paradise Is Not Enough'"