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1 Intro

another kind of Klausmobil After riding a motorcycle for quite a few years, and having had three cars in a row, and then for more than a year just my bicycle, it just happened:
I was told that I need car. Insistingly.
But I did not really need one.
Not a tiny car.
But maybe a truck.
After all, I am constantly on the move. And it is good for the bicycle anyway. Or to park a motorcyle inside in a bad neighbourhood. And I don't care if it is ugly as long as it is big, I mean BIG.

another kind of KlausmobilWith that truck, you don't really need a car stereo. Nor do you need a subwoofer. All it takes is street bumps. Each one makes you aware, very aware, that the whole thing is a huge metal box rolling along the street on four wheels. Rumble, rumble. And anyway, the motor noise + everything is just too loud to listen to anything else besides basses, I mean BASSES. Booom, booooom.

Oh Lord, ... Having enjoyed the dynamics of a motorcycle before, its fast movements, acceleration, + responsiveness, riding a truck now is like steering across the highway on a boat, or, in motorcycle terms, like riding a cow. 105 km/h is a nice travel speed, you sit up high behind the steering wheel, you arrive relaxed, and, surprisingly, you have the right of way even if you don't. ... won't you buy me ... Because, unlike a motorcycle, where other drivers head straight into the beams of the 60 watts headlight, being opposed with the massive front of a truck, people very strongly tend to NOT overlook you, but they pull out of the way rather early. That is very nice, and every once in a while I probe the borderlines, like not stopping at an American four-way stop crossroads can be lots of anarchic fun.

... a Mercedes-Benz ...... my friends all drive BMWs ...We will see how it goes. The fat boy does not have its own IP address yet, but I am sure some more images will be posted here soon or on the smart - XXL home page.

2 Misc. Info

2.1 Glühkerzen / Glow Plugs

cached from mb100.de:


Re: glow plugs
Geschrieben von Ralf Hofmann am 27. Dezember 2002 18:43:43:

Als Antwort auf: Re: Engine Pre-heating malfunction. geschrieben von Klaus Hildner am 26. Dezember 2002 20:16:16:

Hi Klaus,

>states that the guy bought "Duratherm Chromium" (nachglühfähig, after glowable) + changed the control unit to another one; he actually uses vegetable oil which should not be that legal. `8-x

vegetable oil as fuel is legal in Germany, but not in GB or some other countrys.

>Anyone to provide instructions + a photograph on how + where to install them? `?-)

Install the Duratherm Chromium like normal glow plugs and change your glow control against the new one, that's all.

>What part brands + part #s are suitable?

Brand is BOSCH, Bosch-part# of glow plugs for DB is 0 250 201 045, Bosch-part# for the control unit 0 281 003 096.

Use the link to Dieselsend and ask for Henzo, he's much more cheaper with original parts than DC. I get my stuff also from Henzo.

Ralf Hofmann 

2.2 Parking sensor / Abstandsmesser


2.3 GPS + navigation


2.4 Interior / Innenausstattung


2.5 Docs / Dokumentation


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