Motorcycling: K75

BMW K 75 images

K 75 converted into nostalgic design on camping at Lac de Madine, France, May 1996 French policeman and his K 75, Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, France, July 1996 German policeman and his K 75, Schloßplatz, Stuttgart, Germany, August 1996

photographer: Klaus Hildner

Me + My BMW K75

It is only memories now ... the machine was sold in August 2000 as I had left Europe.

somewhere near Schafhausen, Germany, autumn 1995; riding into the settling sun; picture taken by Markus Kirchdörfer somewhere in Les Maures, France, summer 1995; waiting for my turn at a strange fuel station on the pavement; picture taken by a Dutch guy named Remi somewhere near Büsnau, Germany, summer 1996; doin' curves; picture taken by Marc Kofler on a lonely part of university campus, Stuttgart, Germany, autumn 1996; doin' something I would not even risk doin' on a bicycle; picture taken by Gerhard Muth

Studio shot

a BMW K75 studio shot (*not* taken by me)