Baby Images

Here are images of my baby age. Sometimes I doubt I have ever been that tiny but at least my parents + sister seem to be original. Hier sind Bilder von mir als baby. Manchmal denke ich, daß ich nie so winzig war, aber wenigstens scheinen meine Eltern + Schwester echt zu sein.

The tiny ones

sitting in the bath tub; mummy Renate and sister Claudia nearby trying to look Chinese my daddy Rolf my mummy Renate my sister Claudia my pot chambre in peeing action some sort of horse some sort of cabrio sticking out a finger like I sometimes still do nowadays A BIG sofa! Boah!

The bigger ones

my first and innocent encounter with a poice car our family's Volkswagen beetle ... for sale

This is only the beginning. See more on the topic of less innocent police encounters here. Dies ist nur der Anfang. Mehr zum Thema "Weniger unschuldige Begegnungen mit der Polizei" findet sich hier.